The call for projects

Deadline: Friday 14 December 2018 at 23:59:59
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What is being subsidised?

The following categories of alternative fuel are eligible for subsidisation: recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles, electric taxis and electric buses, hydrogen refuelling infrastructure and onshore electricity supply facilities for inland navigation.

The maximum financial support amounts to 20% of the eligible costs for infrastructure works. Only capital investment costs are eligible for a subsidy. Overheads, general expenses and operating costs do not qualify.
A maximum subsidy is fixed per category as shown below. The beneficiary should always demonstrate that there is no overlap with other EU co-financed initiatives for the specific project proposal.

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Who does this call for projects apply to?

Both public- and private-sector parties may submit a proposal for subsidisation via this call for projects.

What are the deadlines?

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How should a project proposal be submitted?

Projects are submitted electronically. To submit a project, applicants should send the signed application form together with the annexes, before expiry of the deadline, to: